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About Central Retail in Vietnam

Central Retail in Vietnam was established in 2012 with only Fashion business. Throughout its nine-year operation in Vietnam, Central Retail continues to develop and transform Vietnam’s modern trade and retail sector. Today, we have become the largest multi-format foreign retailer in Vietnam with 300+ malls & stores across the country with more than 1,000,000 total square meter of retail space across 41 out of 63 provinces and cities, provides employment and career opportunities for nearly 15,000 employees in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the success of the corporation is not only the results of business, but also a commitment of contributing to Vietnam’s prosperity and enhancing the quality of life of the people. Many of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value (CSR/CRV) initiatives have been well recognized by the Vietnamese government, benefiting the local community and SMEs.


Central Retail continues its partnership with Vietnamese stakeholders to improve the country’s socio-economic development, and at the same time enhance the quality of life of Vietnamese people.

Business Overview

Our three key growth drivers including Food, Non-Food and Property provide customers with a diverse portfolio of retail brands.



For Food business, we operate in 3 formats under various brands - GO!/Big C, Tops Market, Lan Chi and go!
- Hypermarket with 35 stores locating in all cities and provinces of Vietnam
- Urban Supermarket with 7 stores in 2 key cities
- Sub-urban Supermarket with 25 stores in rural areas


For Non-Food business, we provide more than 230 stores of Electronics, Lifestyle, Playground, Fashion & Sports under famous brand names such as Nguyen Kim, LookKool, Kubo, Robins, Supersports, Dyson, etc.



For Property business, we are one of the largest Shopping Mall networks in Vietnam.

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Program Highlights

During this 2-year program, a Management Associate, you will be assigned to rotate through several teams across different business functions including Food, Non-Food and Property. The program will be customized for each MA to fit their unique capabilities and career aspirations. This will provide curated exposure to different work areas and international working experience.



Experiential learning with real work situations before taking your desired role



On the job learning which provides you the exponential and diverse experience



Stretch your potential and create the impact on challenging business projects at Central Group in Thailand

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Program Schedule 2023


Jul 2022


Aug-Nov 2022


January 2023

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• Fresh graduates with less than 3 years of experience
• Good English proficiency
• Passionate, resilient, innovation-driven and constant-learning mindset
• Customer oriented and strong analytical skill

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Selection Journey


Jul - Aug 2022

Online test

Aug 2022

First Interview

Sep 2022

Assessment Day

Oct 2022

Final Discussion

Oct - Nov 2022

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Let's hear the real stories from our Management Associates!

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"A place where I can learn and create my own impacts more than I can expect. Learning by being exposed to real Retail experiences in different sectors among Central Retail in Vietnam & Central Group. Creating my impacts by taking charge of real projects to deliver real changes to a BU's business operation & strategy. As long as you have a clear expectation and goal in Central Retail in Vietnam, support is always there for you. More than just a Management Associate program, it's a journey to explore myself and Retail industry. And I'm excited for the journey ahead."


"At Central Retail, I am given the opportunity to work with passionate people. I experienced as a store staff  to see how hard they tried to deliver the best products, I was trained by Operations managers to know how to manage stores effectively. Moreover, I have always been given precise guidance and strong inspiration by my sponsors and rotation managers."


"I have always been grateful for being a MA in Central Retail in Vietnam. In this program, we are rotated among different units, and this is a precious chance to get an overview of the company, identify where you have a passion for, and think about how you can contribute to the business. MAs are normally involved in crucial projects, hence, challenges and difficulties can be expected. But do not worry because you will have excellent managers, supportive sponsor, and brilliant colleagues to help you overcome those obstacles. I believe this program is one of the best options for the young, talented generation to learn and grow faster."


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